Mae Margaret Whitman was born on 9th June 1988 making her 36 years old.

Daughter of Actress Pat Musick.

Mae first got into acting at the age of three when her mom went for a commercial audition. She got really upset when her mom went in to the audition without her and burst in screaming. A few days later she went in for an audition herself and got her first role for a Tyson's chicken commercial.

A year later she was chosen for "When a Man Loves a Woman" where she played Meg Ryan's youngest daughter. Mae next appeared in two NBC mini-series "The Judds" and co-starring in "Degree of Guilt" before moving right on to another film, "Bye Bye Love".

Mae's big break in film however came in 1996 when she appeared as the Presidents daughter in the box-office smash hit "Independence Day". The same year she was cast for "One Fine Day" in which she got a pivotal role as George Clooney's daughter.

Since then Mae has appeared in many films including "Hope Floats", "Invisible Child" and most recently "A Season for Miracles".

Its not just in films that Mae has made an impact either. Mae has had a recurring role on the hospital drama "Chicago Hope", appearing in no less than 17 episodes. She has guest starred in popular TV shows like "Early Edition", "Friends", "Judging Amy" and "Providence", as well as doing voice overs for popular cartoons such as "Johnny Bravo" and "Superman".

Most people however will know Mae from her hit-series State of Grace on Fox Family (now ABC Family).

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