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Mae was in 5 episodes in this series:
Austin Space, Tantric Turkey, Karmic Relief, Big Hand for the Little Lady, The Heavens Can Wait.

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S5E01 - Sarindipity

A poisonous gas is released in a bank and the doctors try to contain the gas, that is threatening many lives including Dr. Hancock.

S5E02 - Austin Space

A cardiologist in NASA's Doctors in space program has a heart attack and Kate takes the doctors place in the program. Dr. Shutt has a patient who needs to tell his father, an Orthodox Rabbi, that he is gay.

S5E03 - Wag the Doc

Hancock accuses Watters and Austin of racism when they refuse to operate on a black patient. One of Shutt's patients commits suicide when the medicine needed isn't covered by insurance.

S5E04 - The Breast and the Brightest

Grad accuses a mother are starving her infant to death. Shutt and Catera disagree over a neurological patient. Austin announces her plans with NASA, and Watters takes away her status as Chief of Surgery. Yeats uses his "sixth sense" to diagnose a patient.

S5E05 - One Hundred and One Damnations

The hospital prepares for the Doctor of the Year party, and several old friends drop by. Watters goes into a virus-induced coma and gets some words of wisdom from Alan Birch. Camille Shutt returns for the party and Aaron discovers he still has feeling for her. Dr. Nyland returns to the hospital and reveals that he has really changed his life. Geiger also visits the hospital.

S5E06 - Viagra-Vated Assault

Austin discovers that a patient is using Viagra to cheat on his wife. McNeil gives a blood tranfusion to a patient, even though the patient is a Jehovah's Witness and it is against his religion. A musician fears the medicine Shutt prescribes for his manic depression may stiple his creativity. Caccici's son roams the hospital behaving exactly like his father, which is driving the staff crazy.

S5E07 - Austin, We Have a Problem

Gordan teaches Kate how to fly. Hancock accuses a police officer of shooting a homeless African-American.

S5E08 - The Other Cheek

A celebrity dies and news crews invade the hospital to cover the story.

S5E09 - Tantric Turkey

Billy's mother shows up at the hospital and announces she is about to give birth. The star of the road company version on "Jesus Christ Superstar" comes to the hospital when the star is ill. Yeats former teacher comes to the hospital with chest pains.

S5E10 - Gun with the Wind

Wilkes must face the parents of a child brought into the ER when it becomes clear that Raymond was responsible for the child's injury. NASA starts interview Kate's colleagues. One of Aaron's patients is attracted to him.

S5E11 - McNeil and Pray

One of the girl's on McNeil's basketball team is injured during a game, and almost dies from the injury. Yeats feels his patient should not have heart surgery.

S5E12 - Adventures in Babysitting

Aaron loses a patient, and he takes it hard. Billy finds himself attracted to Emily's babysitter. A couple ask Drs. Yeats and Hancock to help them create a genious baby. Dr. Cacaci tries to decide which doctors should be in the hospitals fall out shelter.

S5E13 - Karmic Relief

Kate discovers that she has developed an ovarian cyst which could destroy her plans with NASA. After Kate hears this news she agrees to go to a retreat... that Yeats is leading.  While Kate is gone Sara nearly freezes to death in the snow after misunderstanding advice from her babysitter, McNeil.

S5E14 - Playing Through

Diane helps deliver the baby of an HIV positive patient. When the woman develops complications the only alternative is surgery. During the surgery Diane accidentally cuts herself and is exposed to the virus. Jack and Lisa's relationship has problems when Jack discovers that Lisa has been seeing Robert. Jack takes up golf, in the hospital. A homeless man takes shelter in the hospitals main enterance. An unidentified man is hit by a train after trying to save a child.

S5E15 - Big Hand for the Little Lady

McNeil performs a hand transplant on the patient, and uses the patient's dead mother's hand. Kate is accepted by NASA. An old childhood friends visits Watters and asks for one of his kidneys.

S5E16 - Home is Where the Heartache Is

McNeil returns home after his brother is killed. Dr. Cacaci begins to fear the impact of HMO's on his practice and takes up selling doorway products. Kronk's friend comes to the hospital for a heart transplant, and end's up getting an experimental procedure after the wrong organ was delivered to the hospital.

S5E17 - A Goy and His Dog

Gordy is diagnosed with arthritis (rhematoid) and Billy must decided whether or not to put him to sleep. Catera tries to help a woman with breast cancer and brain metases get into an experimental group even though she does not fit the parameters of the study guideline. One of Shutt's patients confesses to a murder.

S5E18 - Teacher's Pet

Kate confront's a former harrasser, who is a world renowned surgeon. Diane has a patient with a flesh eating bacteria.

S5E19 - Vanishing Acts

Diane tries to help the parents of a three year old that was killed. An experiment goes bad and Aaron ends up institutionalized.

S5E20 - From Here to Maternity

A mother gives birth to twins, one black and one white. Kate is threatened with a lawsuit after making a rude comment.

S5E21 - And Baby Makes 10

Dr. Hancock's patient, who was using fertility drugs, gives birth to 8 babies.

S5E22 - Kiss of Death

Kate meets up with an old boyfriend, who turns out to be an ex-husband. Lisa tried to prolong the life of a pregnant woman with brain cancer. Cacaci forces Aaron to investigate his charge that Phillip had an affair with a patient.

S5E23 - The Heavens Can Wait

The ER is flooded with a large amount of young people who were poisoned by an unknown drug at an all night rave. Kate and Sara are hit by a drunk driver. Phillip's fate is decided after being charged with having an affair with a patient.

S5E24 - Curing Cancer

Dr. Geiger returns to the hospital and promptly fires half the staff, whom then sue to get their jobs back. Aaron consults a new pediatric neurosurgeon after being presented with a 9-week old baby suffering from seizures.

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